12 Natural Cold Remedies

Do you feel miserable from your nasty cold symptoms?  We have 12 different cold remedies that you can try at home right now to start feeling better now.

Cold Remedy 1

cold remedy 1

To break your congestion up, drink lots of fluids.  Drinking juice or water will help with keeping your throat moist and prevent dehydration.  Every day you should drink a minimum of 8-10 glasses of water (8 ounces per glass).  Your fluid intake can include water, ginger ale, fruit drinks, herbal teas and sports drinks.  Homemade chicken soup can also be helpful.  Limit the amount of coffee, cola and other caffeinated beverages that your drink.  They can act as diuretics and you could end up dehydrated.

Cold Remedy 2

cold remedy 2

To ease your drippy nose and congestion, inhale steam.  Stand over a pot full of boiling water.  Breathe the steam through your nose.  However, you do need to be careful.  If your nose is getting burned by the steam, breathe in at a slower rate.  Another option is to buy a humidifier.  The steam is the same either way.  Other helpful ways to relieve congestion include a room humidifier, saline nasal spray or steam from taking a hot shower.

Cold Remedy 3

cold remedy 3

Frequently blow your nose, but do it properly.  When you are suffering from a cold, it is very important that your blow your nose on a regular basis instead of sniffling mucus back inside your head.  However, if you blow too hard, the force can transport phlegm with germs back inside your ear passages and cause an ear ache.  The most effective method for blowing your nose involves pressing a finger over one of your nostrils and then gently blow to clear your other one out.

Cold Remedy 4

cold remedies

Irrigate your nose by using a saline nasal spray or salt water rinse that your make yourself.  Rinsing with salt water helps with breaking up nasal congestion.  It also removes bacteria and virus particles from the nose.

Here is a good salt water rinse recipe:

Mix 8 ounces warm water with 1/4 teaspoon baking soda and 1/4 teaspoon salt.  Pour the mixture into a bulb syringe (or you can use a Neti pot.  Most health stores carry them).  Bend your head over the sink, use your bulb syringe to squirt salt water gently into your nose.  Apply light finger pressure to one nostril to keep it closed as you squirt the salt solution into your other nostril, then allow it to drain.  Repeat this process two or three times on one nostril before then treating your other nostril.

Be careful what goes into your nose to avoid exposure to infections and bacteria.  The CDC recommends that if you are rinsing, flushing or irrigating your sinuses that you should used previously boiled, sterile or distilled water in your irrigation solution.  Also be sure to rinse your irrigation device thoroughly after each use.  Allow it to air dry.

Cold Remedy 5

cold remedies

Stay rested and warm.  When you first get the flu or a cold, staying rested and warm helps your body be able to direct energy towards battling the immune war.  The battle is very taxing on the body.  Help it out a little by lying down and adding a blanket for warmth if needed.

Cold Remedy 6

salt water gargle

Use salt water to gargle with.  Gargling can help with moistening a scratchy or sore throat and also provide some temporary relief.  Dissolve 1/2 teaspoon sale into 8 ounces warm water.  Drink this four times per day.  Try using an astringent gargle- like a tea with tannin- to reduce the scratchiness in your throat.  It will help with tightening the membranes in your throat.  Or borrow a page from popular folk medicine and use a viscous, thick gargle made out of honey.  Take two cups hot water and steep one tablespoon lemon juice or raspberry leaves; mix this with a teaspoon of honey.  Before gargling, allow it to cool until it is at room temperature.

Cold Remedy 7

cold remedies

Drink plenty of hot beverages.  Hot liquids  helps with relieving nasal congestion, preventing dehydration and soothing inflamed membranes lining your throat and nose.  Try drinking a hot toddy if you are having problems sleeping at night due to congestion.  Make yourself some hot herbal tea.  If you’d like you can add 1 ounce of bourbon or whiskey along with one teaspoon honey.  Just have one.  Drinking too much alcohol can be counterproductive as it may inflame the membranes.

Cold Remedy 8

cold remedies 8

Try taking a hot, steamy shower.  A steamy shower will help relax you and moisturize the nasal passages.  If you have the flu and are dizzy, run a hot, steamy shower and sponge bathe from a nearby chair.

Cold Remedy 9

cold remedies 9

Place a small amount of mentholated salve beneath your nose.  This will help with restoring your irritated skin on the base of your nose and assist with opening your breathing passages.  Camphor, eucalyptus and menthol all contain mild numbing ingredients to help with relieving pain in your raw nose.

Cold Remedy 10
cold remedies 10

Place a hot pack on your congested sinuses.  Drugstores often carry reusable hot packs or you can make some yourself instead.  Heat a damp washcloth in a microwave for 30 seconds.

Cold Remedy 11

cold remedies 11

Use an extra pillow to sleep with.  Propping another pillow beneath you head can help with relieving congested nasal passages.  For a slope that is more gradual, you can place the pillows between the box springs and mattress.

Cold Remedy 12

cold remedies 12

Discover all you can about natural remedies such as vitamin C, Echinacea and zinc.  Some people in search of  a natural cold remedy will try supplements.  Most do help, but there are others that my cause harm instead.

Source – WebMD

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