Skin & Aging

Getting Your Skin Care Regimen On Track

Skin careNow that we have begun a new year, it is likely that the usual round of resolutions have also been made. While you may have committed yourself to making better dietary choices, exercising more or simply being kinder to those you love, there is another area of your life that should not be neglected. Establishing an effective skin care routine really needs to be one of your top priorities in the coming year.

If skin care is something to which you already pay significant attention, there is no reason you should not take a close look at what you are doing in order to spot areas in need of improvement. You might just find that you can make some tweaks to the products you use or the cleansing process you follow that will make a noticeable difference in the results you achieve. Read more »

A Few Tips To Help You Get Rid Of Wrinkles

wrinklesWrinkles and age lines can appear anywhere on the face. They can be caused by smiling, squinting, internal inflammation or simply by the breakdown of elastin and collagen. Regardless of what is causing your wrinkles, they can be smoothed out. Your doctor should be able to correct these lines depending on their type and make them a lot less noticeable.


Read more »

6 Daily Habits That Are Harmful to Your Skin

skinAs we get old, our skin is getting older, too, therefore it needs a special attention in order to maintain its elasticity and beautiful appearance. Everybody knows that moisturizing creams, a daily cleaning routine and cosmetic treatments should be part of our skin care program, especially after we passed 30 years of age.

What fewer people may know is that skin can be affected by our habits and lifestyle, even in cases when there’s apparently no connection between the habit and the skin condition. Here are the most harmful things you should stop doing, if you want your skin to look its best for many years to come: Read more »

Top 10 Things to Damage Your Skin

The largest organ in the body is your skin. Your skin gets a lot of abuse throughout the day with sun, wind, environmental factors and more. If you’re skimping on your skin care, you’re putting your skin at risk for serious damage.

If you want to preserve your skin, these are some things you should avoid at all times: Read more »

How to Mix Makeup and Sunscreen for Protecting Your Skin

We’re all looking to prevent skin cancer and wrinkles and we all know that sunscreen is an effective product to use.  We all read number of articles about the importance of sunscreen and even if you look at DailyHealthNet’s articles, you’ll find number of them talking about sunsreen.  But putting makeup after sunscreen doesn’t look that great.

Now there are beauty products that provide sun protection factor or SPF but most dermatologist would tell you that these types of makeup products won’t offer the protection you need against sun.  So what do you need to do to look good and be protected at the same time? Read more »

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