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Crunches are nowadays considered as one of the most efficient exercises to strengthen core muscles. Our knowledge of human muscles is based on the study of cadavers by medical professionals. Scientists were able to determine that abdominal muscles are used to flex the spine by looking at cadavers. When you perform a crunch, a sit-up or another similar move, you are rounding your lower back and flexing your spine. These exercises quickly become popular since they are an efficient way to develop one’s abs.


Your abs actually do a lot more than flexing your spine. Their function is to stabilize the spine. The midsection muscles allow your torso to remain upright rather than toppling over under the strength of gravity. Your abs can flex your spine but also prevent it from flexing under the weight of your upper body.

If you want to get the most out of your core muscle workouts, you should focus on training your abs to remain stable. This is fairly easy and does not even require you to move!

Developing a hard-core training plan

Be careful: this is not your typical ab workout. These exercises are about training your abs to stabilize your spine rather than flexing it. You will not experience the soreness you are used to if you have worked on your abs in the past. You might get the impression these exercise are not working like they should. However, many people are reporting amazing progresses since these exercises were introduced by some trainers. Don’t worry if you do not see the results right away or do not experience soreness. This workout will strengthen your core muscles, make them stable and make your abs more noticeable. You need to select the workout that corresponds to your current level. You can choose the beginner level, intermediate one or move on to the advanced level by doing this workout twice a week. All you have to do is perform the following exercises. Pay attention to the number of sets, reps and pauses. If you need an even more challenging workout, look into adopting other abs workouts in this site to get rid of your belly fat.

The beginner-level workout

Exercise 1: Elbow planks

Adopt the same position you would use for pushups. Keep your elbows bent and support your weight with your forearms. You should keep your body in a straight line. Brace your midsection as if you were expecting to receive a punch in the stomach. Brace for thirty seconds, rest for thirty seconds and repeat.

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Exercise 2: Mountain climber on a bench

Adopt a pushup position but place your hands on a bench. Contract your abs and lift your left knee very slowly. Bring it close to your chest, pause for two seconds before lowering it. Do the same thing with your right knee. Do the mountain climber for thirty seconds, rest for thirty seconds and repeat.

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Exercise 3: Side plank

Use your left forearm to position your body in a straight line while lying down on your left side. You will have to slightly raise your hips to form a straight line. Contract your abs for thirty seconds before rolling on your right side and doing the same thing. Take thirty seconds to rest and repeat.

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The intermediate-level workout

Exercise 1: Elevated feet plank

This is basically the same exercise as the one described in the beginner-level workout except your feet are elevated on a bench.

plank with elevated feet

Exercise 2: Mountain climber with a Swiss ball

Again, follow the beginner-level instructions but use a Swiss ball to support your weight instead of a bench.

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Exercise 3: Elevated side plank

This is the same exercise as in the beginner-level workout, except your feet are elevated on a bench.

side plank with feet elevated

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The advanced workout

Exercise 1: Extended plank

Position your hands between six and eight inches in front of your shoulders and use them to support your weight. Apart from the position of your hands, this is the same exercise as in the beginner-level workout.

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Exercise 2: Swiss ball Jackknife

Adopt a pushup position and place your feet on a Swiss ball. Slowly raise your hips so you can pull the ball closer to your midsection. Do 15 reps twice and take 30 seconds to rest in between.

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Exercise 3: single leg Side plank

This is similar to the beginner-level exercise except you need to rise your top leg. Keep it raised while you perform the exercise.

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