Why You Should Change Your Workout Routines More Often

Trying to build muscle, but finding it difficult to get past those tough plateaus? It is difficult to get stronger and bigger without changing workouts around and tweaking them for better results. Gradual progression may not be the right thing for those who want to see results and get stronger.  So changes should be occurring more often to get better results i.e.. bigger muscles.


The general assumption when it comes to such changes and alterations is to change around your workout routines every four weeks or so. While, this is fine to keep doing your typical routine, it does not maximize your potential result in the gym. It is better to go with an exercise plan that requires change every workout whether it is reps or the amount of sets that are being done.  

Back in 2002, there was a study published on strength gains achieved with linear periodization versus undulating periodization. Which side ended up getting better results? The Journal of Strength and Conditioning stated, the group with linear workouts were not as strong after the research had been conducted as the group with daily changes.

Researchers believe the best strength gains lie in the undulating periodization group. It is more effective to make changes with each workout than doing it over a period of weeks. Not only were there gains found with how strong the group was getting, but also with how much mass was being gained.

The best part about doing such workouts is they will remain fun and help one avoid boredom. Things will always be interesting in the gym as the reps and sets are being changed around every time.

Let’s take a glance at what a routine with this type of plan would look like after changes are made.

• Week 1: Sets/Reps: 5x 3 to 5
• Week 2: Sets/Reps: 3x 10 to 12
• Week 3: Sets/Reps: 4x 6 to 8

What happens after the third week has been completed? It is time to either go through the same routine again or start making changes to how much weight is being lifted.

If you want results faster, this is the way to go. The old, traditional form of working out is just not going to lead to those fast results that one covets these days.

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