Common Cold Treatment

Common Cold Treatment

Everyone knows that there isn’t a cure for the common cold. There are some common cold treatment options that could help you get over the virus quicker and get you feeling back to normal at a much faster rate.

There is no treatment better than getting plenty of rest to relieve you from cold symptoms. When you are experiencing a cold you should try to sleep as long as possible. If you can, don’t set the alarm that night and get a full eight hours of sleep.

Another thing that remains important for trying to flush out the virus sooner is staying hydrated. This can be accomplished by simply drinking water. Staying hydrated might also improve your mood during a cold and help your body restore itself.

There are some things that you may want to avoid when going through a cold. You should always stay away from stimulants while you are going through this virus. Don’t drink coffee while you are on a cold. This could keep you from getting the rest that you need to get over the virus.

You should be able to use over the counter medicines to treat some of your symptoms.  You should take Tylenol instead of aspirin to help with fever and aches accompanied with your cold.  Aspirin has been linked to Reye disease in children with viral infections.  Gargle salt water as often as you can if you have sore throat.

When we have a cold, we all know that we get the sniffles. This is where cold and cough medicine comes in. When you are experiencing the sniffles and need this type of medication you should always make sure that it is secure when you put it away. If you have teenagers in your home they may try to abuse this medication.

Sometimes when we have a sore throat it is not due to strep but can be due to a common cold. When you are experiencing a sore throat there are several things that you can do to try and make it feel better. The first thing that you could try would be to gurgle salt water. There are also sprays that you can buy at the pharmacy that will numb the back of your throat.

Always make sure that you look at the list of ingredients when purchasing over the counter medications. Some of these medications might contain ingredients that you don’t need. You do not want to receive over treatment for your cold. Also, please make sure that you ask your doctor before giving any cold medicine to children under four.

I know that having a stuffed nose can sometimes be the most annoying part of being sick. When we want relief for these symptoms there are some medications that can clear our sinuses. Be careful when taking pseudoephedrine because an overdose can be dangerous. Nasal spray can also be very effective. It is said that it you use them to often it can make your condition worse.

Cold Treatment

If you have medical problems you should ask your doctor before using a product with pseudoephedrine in it. It has been known to increase blood pressure and possibly cause other problems when mixed with other illnesses.

You always need to make sure that you allow yourself to cough if you have to. Coughing is a great tool that your body needs to get rid of all the icky germs that happen to be clouding your body. It might also help you with breathing because it will remove access mucus from your nose and throat.

Always make sure that you are eating a proper diet while you are going through a cold. Good nutrition can be just the boost that your immune system needs to get over whatever is ailing you. When going through a cold all the vitamins that you can think of are important. You want to make sure that you are getting plenty of vitamin c through as this is known to support your immune system in a big way. Vitamin C can be found in many supplement or you might want to try and receive the vitamin from oranges.

When going through a cold your body is going to need extra energy. Making sure that you get the right amount of protein is always going to be important. Why not make some chicken soup or have someone make it for you. It has been one of the oldest treatments for the common cold and for good reason.

You might want to try herbal remedies as well to ease your symptoms. This could prove beneficial especially if you think its going to work. Have you ever heard of the placebo effect?

Echinecea is known to help prevent the cold. It might stimulate the activity of white blood cell and therefore boost your immune system. This might also help the cold that you are already going for be less severe.

I hope this helps you feel better at a faster rate! If you continue to feel ill after a week you should contact a doctor. It could be more then just a cold.

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