Acne or pimples is a skin condition which happens when hair follicles (roots) are blocked with oil and dead skin cells. It is usually seen in adolescents or teenagers but can affect anyone at any age. Acne most often appears on the face, neck, chest, shoulders and back. Acne may vary from blackheads and whiteheads that are minor and painless to severely painful and irritatingly persistent. Acne lesions recover slowly and gradually, and when one starts to clear up, others appear.

Depending on its severity, acne may cause emotional distress and lead to skin damage. The good news is that effective treatments are available – and the earlier treatment is started, the lower your chance of lasting emotional and physical damage.

How to Prevent Acne

It never fails – acne always seems to break out at the worst times, like before an important date or any kind of a presentation. Fortunately, the big day doesn’t have to be faced with the fear of blemishes being the focus of the event.  So question is how to prevent acne from happening?  This video could help:


YouTube Preview Image Read more »

Overview of Acne Scars Treatment

Ah, the lingering pains of acne! After all of the product experimentation and seemingly hopeless face scrubbing, your acne may have cleared – but not before leaving behind a callous and unforgiving reminder. If you are currently struggling to deal with acne scars, fear not, for there are plenty of cosmetic treatments available. Before diving right in however, it may be helpful to consider how acne scarring is formed in the first place. Read more »

How to Treat Your Mild Acne

Acne Image

Acne sufferers in the United States spend over $100 million annually on over-the-counter treatments for this skin condition. Most of these treatments have proven very successful in managing mild acne. These treatments come in several different forms, including ointments, scrubs and cleansers. They can all be obtained from your neighborhood pharmacy. Read more »

Severe Acne Treatment

If you’re suffering from severe acne, you’ve probably tried every cure available at the drug store. Acne causes pore blockage and inflammation, which leads to a skin condition. Out of everyone with acne, just under 40% suffer from severe acne, which means their face is regularly covered with very painful lesions. Read more »

The Different Types of Acne

If you notice red sores appearing on your face or back, there’s a high chance that those sores could develop into zits. Most people get zits or pimples from time to time, but if you experience breakouts on a regular basis you could have acne. Before you can treat acne you need to determine which types of acne you have. Read more »

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