Excellent Bodyweight Workouts For Muscular Strength And Size

Bodyweight workouts aren’t only good for beginners to use.  They are also a great way to build strength and size.  If you properly and efficiently incorporate these into your workouts, you won’t need to use weights.  Also, these are natural movements, so there is minimal stress put on your tendons and joints.

Bodyweight workouts for strenght and size

Here are some of the finest bodyweight exercises for strength and size.  Every exercise has several progressions to it.  It is quite easy to modify the movements for your fitness level, so that they are more challenging or easier to do.

1.  Push-Ups

This is the best type of upper-body pressing exercise you can do.  It develops your shoulders, triceps and chest.  Variations include the Spiderman Push-Up, One-Arm Push-Up and Close-Grip Push-Up.

To increase your level of difficulty gradually, raise your feet and rest them on a bench.  This is known as the Decline Push-Up.

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2.  Pull-Ups/Chin-Ups

The Pull-Ups/Chin-Ups is another very effective upper body exercise.  It works your biceps and back more than other free weight or machine exercises.

If you are a beginner you should begin with doing standard Chin-Ups with your palms facing towards you.  You use your biceps more, and this helps to support your weight.  When you get stronger, you can move on to doing Pull-Ups (your palms should face away from your body).  Try to do 10 reps of whatever your body weight is.  Add weight whenever this becomes to easy.

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3.  Dips

This is among the best exercises you can do for your shoulders, triceps and chest.

To focus on your chest, use your upper body to lean slightly forward.  To focus on your triceps, your upper body should remain in an upright position.  When you perform dips, keep your muscles tense.  You do this be staying in control during the lowering portion of the exercise.  Aim for doing 15-20 reps using your body weight.

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4. Muscle-Ups

This exercise works just about every upper body muscle that you have.  You need to have a significant amount of pushing and upper body pulling strength in addition to core stabilization to perform these exercises.

Muscle-Ups do tend to be more challenging than most of the other bodyweight exercises.  Therefore, in order to master it, you need to have lots of strength and determination.  Keep practicing until you are able to do 5 reps at least.

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5. Inverted Rows

This exercises develops the upper and mid back muscles.  They are actually much hard to do than they first seem.  You can perform the exercise using ropes, rings, a suspension strap or on a bar.  Similar to Push-Ups, the difficulty level can be increased by adjusting how high your feet are.

Adjusting your grip is another way you can challenge yourself.  Using an underhand grip makes it much easier to perform the exercise, so to increase the difficulty try using an overhand grip.

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6. Pistol Squats

If you don’t have a dumbbell or barbell available, this isn’t a problem.

Every muscles of your lower body is worked when you perform Pistol Squats.  Your balance is improved as well.  Whenever you perform these using your full range of motion, your glutes, hamstrings and quads are worked.

This is a hard exercise to perform.  If you don’t do it properly, it could cause pain.  To get started, practice using a TRX suspension cable.  A good goal is to do 12 to 15 reps per side.

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7. Hip Thrusts

This exercise intensely works the glutes and hamstrings.  This is essential for athletes needing to be able to do great power work.

Get started by setting you upper back and shoulder on a bench.  Your feet should be on an elevated surface or the ground.  Drop your hips as low as you possibly can.  Next drive your heels from the ground.  At the same time squeeze your glutes hard.  At the top of this movement, hold for approximately two second.  Next, lower your hips and perform the next repetition.

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8. Pike Roll Outs

This core exercise is essential.  If you could only choose one to perform the remainder of your life, pike roll outs is what you should choose.  It combines a rollout with a stability ball pike.  This activates the lower and upper abs in addition to the obliques.  This exercises leaves the lower back and hip flexors completely out, unlike regular crunches.  When compared with other exercises, your abs are much more effectively isolated.

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9.  L-Sits

This exercise is excellent for developing core strength.  Some upper body work is added as well.  L-Sits also help with developing your strength so that you can perform exercises like Dips.  You can use parallel bars or dumbbells.  The position should be held for approximately 10 seconds.

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