Fat Burning Workout Program

Trying to lose weight and want to change your body forever? It is essential to use a specifically designed metabolism-boosting workout program in order to gain results that otherwise might not have been possible. With the help of this workout program, you will see amazing results and this will lead to both short and long-term changes. The common reaction to losing weight is to start running and this is not going to be enough to get that perfect body. It is essential to start working out the body in a manner where the entire body is being put into action along with the cardiovascular system. This workout focuses on lifting and getting the heart rate up through those movements instead of just running around. By getting the muscles into action, the body will not only be getting a cardio workout in, but the muscles will also start to get stronger with the repetitions and sets being done.

Workout program

How It Works

So, how does this workout work? The goal is to perform each workout once a week. There is a rest day between each session/workout. In total, there are three workouts for this program.


Monday: Workout A
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: Workout B
Thursday: Rest
Friday: Workout C
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: Workout A

Workout A

Now that the schedule has been sorted out, it is important to understand what workout A is all about. It begins with doing a series of exercises such as burpees and swings. The idea is to use the countdown method and rotating through the exercises “back to back”. For example, you will begin by doing 15 burpees and 15 swings. After this, you will do 14 burpees and 14 swings. This will continue until you reach 1 burpees and 1 swings.

Dumbbell swing

What is a dumbbells swing? It is when hold a dumbbell between you legs and bend at the hips. The hips are thrust forward and you will start to swing the weight like a pendulum up to your shoulders.

Dumbbell Swing 1

Dumbbell Swing

Squat Thrust
First, let’s focus on your stance. It will be placed at a shoulder-width length. You will bend at the knees and hips with your hands put on the floor. The idea is to kick back the legs and perform a pushup. After the pushup is performed, you will stand back up. This is one repetition.

Squat Thrust

Workout B

This is another workout that focuses on the circuit method. This means the exercises (four of them) will be done one after another. You will be doing 10 reps for each movement and the rest should not be any longer than 20 seconds. Let’s take a look at these four exercises.

Overhead farmer’s walk

For this, you will take a pair of dumbbells and put them over your head. The palms will be facing each other during this movement. Now in this position, you will begin walking forward. Each step is a rep.

Overhead farmer's walk 1overhead farmer's walk

Place hex dumbbells on the ground. You will be doing pushups using these dumbbells as support. When you are doing the pushup, you will rotate the arm towards the ceiling. You have to do this for both arms to get one rep done.

T push upT pushup

The starting position for this is to have the dumbbells placed next to your shoulders. You will squad down and when you stand back up, the dumbbells will be pressed overhead.

Pushup-position row

The final exercise in this workout is to place the dumbbells on the floor. You will put yourself into a regular pushup position and the hands will be on the dumbbells. You will bring the dumbbell to your chest and then do it for the other arm. This is one rep.

Push up row

Workout C

This is another workout that will work like a circuit. You will be doing six reps for each movement and you will be cycling through each one and it will be done for as many times as you can in 20 minutes.

Lateral shuffle

You begin in a regular, athletic stance. You will have to shuffle to the left and the feet will be moving over one another as you shuffle. The goal is to take three steps to the left and three to the right.
Lateral shuffle

Pushup and Row

This is where you will be placing the hex dumbbells on the floor and getting back into a pushup position. The pushup will be performed, but when you are getting back to the starting position, you will bring the dumbbell up and complete a row. Do this for both arms.

Pushup and row
Dumbbell reverse lunge

You will be grabbing a pair of dumbbells and placing them near your sides. You will have to step backwards and have the left foot placed behind. The body will be lowered until your knee is parallel with the ground. From this position, you have to return back to the starting position. This is one rep.

Dumbbell reverse lungeDumbbell reverse lunge 2
Dumbbell getup

The final exercise in the circuit is to lie face up and have the dumbbell in your hand with the arm straight up. You will have to roll over to one side and hold yourself up. You will have to stand up while ensuring the dumbbell is above you at all times. After you are standing, reverse the move and come back to the starting position.

Dumbbell getup

Dumbbell getup 2

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