Is Frozen Food Always Bad for You?

Most people think or assume that buying fresh food and vegetables is best for you.  It seems sensible to believe that food in it’s normal type and form is definitely the ideal choice.  So when we go to supermarkets, we regularly grab our vegetables and fruits in the produce sections.  But are we doing the right thing?


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Fresh food

Surprisingly, those who buy their produce from frozen sections are getting better products.   Based on study from the UK’s Sheffield Hallam University, frozen foods aren’t just as healthy as their fresh alternatives they might be even more so. The typical freezing process holds the fruits and veggies in their most nutrient-rich form.  Alternatively, produce headed to supermarkets are often harvested prior to being fully ripe which in tern doesn’t let them to provide the maximum amount of minerals & vitamins.  Additionally, fresh produce may remain as long as a month in transit from farms to suppliers to grocery stores.  In that time, they’re come across light and heat, each of which can lower the amount of fragile vitamins.

This is also relevant to juices.  Experts at Arizona State University discovered that frozen orange juice has more  vitamin and is more nourishing than the orange juice you get from fridge section.  Additionally they learned that ready to drink OJ loses all of it’s vitamins within a month of opening, which isn’t the case with the frozen counterpart.  Although the frozen food and juices are healthy choices, fresh vegetables and fruits are still great source of nutrients.  Especially for locally grown products that don’t have a long transit to your grocery stores’ shelves.  Seasonal vegetables and fruits are great since they are typically on the supermarkets shelves at the top of the nutritious cycle.  No matter which veggies and fruits you buy, they are good for your body and therefore, make an effort to eat 5 to 10 servings per day.

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