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Pregnancy-Related Diabetes Linked with Potential Heart Risk


Expecting mothers who develop gestational diabetes may be at elevated risk for cardiovascular disease in the future, a long-term study indicates.

Gestational diabetes evolves just in pregnancy and frequently disappears after pregnancy. It does, nevertheless, enhance a woman’s risk for type 2 diabetes later on years.

The new research discovered that gestational diabetes may alsoenhance a woman’s chance of heart problems in middle age and prior to developing diabetes or metabolic syndrome, several symptoms and conditions recognized to raise the likelihood of heart complications. Read more »

How Vitamin D Can Prevent Cancer

vitamin d supplement

Vitamin D has long been known as a preventative for many bone related diseases such as rickets, osteoporosis, osteomalacia, and a bone loss condition known as hyperparathyroidism,  So obviously vitamin D is very helpful and essential for many bone related diseases in humans.  Lately though scientific studies have been showing that people with  low levels of vitamin D in their system are more prone to breast cancer, especially premenopausal breast cancer. More studies are on the way, but given all the other benefits of vitamin D, it would be important to start taking supplements now. There are other  ways to get you vitamin D if you don’t like supplements, and that would be in fatty fish such as sardines and tuna, fortified milk, and milk products, and also spending time in the sun.  Spending as little as 20 minutes in direct sunlight is enough to provide all the vitamin D for your entire day.

vitamin D supplement

Another important cancer preventative link has been found between vitamin D deficiency and colorectal cancer. Read more »

New Report in Curing Baldness


A new method to cure baldness is on its way and the new studies have shown some positive results.  The researchers experimented on cloning hair follicles and make them grow once implanted on mice.  They’ve done that twice successfully.  One of the researchers, Dr. Angela Christiano was on CBS This Morning show explaining the experiments and results.  Read more »

Chaz Bono Shows Off His Significant Weight Loss in a TV Show

Chaz bono weight loss

From Nicole Eggenberger of US Weekly

In today’s show of ‘The Doctor”, Chaz Bono shows off his new lighter self.  Back in November 2012, he appeared at the show weighting 250 pounds and was warned by doctors that he is 50 to 80 pounds overweight and has high blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure.  Bono came back to show today revealing his toned and trim body and claimed that he feels good. Read more »

Effect of Copper in Developing Alzheimer’s disease


By Melissa Healy of LA Times

New studies have found that copper in amounts readily found in our drinking water, the foods we eat and the vitamin supplements we take likely plays a key role in initiating and fueling the abnormal protein build-up and brain inflammation that are hallmarks of Alzheimer’s disease.

While the mineral is important to healthy nerve conduction, hormone secretion and the growth of bones and connective tissue, a team of researchers from the University of Rochester Medical Center suggested that too much of it may be a bad thing, and they set about to explore copper’s dark side. Read more »

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