New Report in Curing Baldness


A new method to cure baldness is on its way and the new studies have shown some positive results.  The researchers experimented on cloning hair follicles and make them grow once implanted on mice.  They’ve done that twice successfully.  One of the researchers, Dr. Angela Christiano was on CBS This Morning show explaining the experiments and results. 


This study is trying to replace hair for individuals that lost their hair or are balding which is approximately 50% of the adult population over 50 years old.  Hair transplant surgery basically takes the existing hairs in back of the head and place them in front.  This research focuses on cloning the hair from body and put them back into the head and they grow from new follicles.

Scientists figured that hair that were grown upside down retains it’s ability to grow so they didn’t do any genetic manipulation to influence the follicles to grow.

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