Overview of Emphysema


Emphysema is a disease of the lungs that is long term and chronic. A person with disease has difficulty breathing because of limitation in exhaling. There are several different causes for emphysema, but smoking is the primary reason for most cases of emphysema.

Emphysema is the primary type of COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease). There is no known cure for this disease, but when a person quits smoking the rate of the progression of the disease lessens. Read more »

Excellent Bodyweight Workouts For Muscular Strength And Size

Bodyweight workouts aren’t only good for beginners to use.  They are also a great way to build strength and size.  If you properly and efficiently incorporate these into your workouts, you won’t need to use weights.  Also, these are natural movements, so there is minimal stress put on your tendons and joints.

Bodyweight workouts for strenght and size

Here are some of the finest bodyweight exercises for strength and size.  Every exercise has several progressions to it.  It is quite easy to modify the movements for your fitness level, so that they are more challenging or easier to do. Read more »

Fat Burning Workout Program

Trying to lose weight and want to change your body forever? It is essential to use a specifically designed metabolism-boosting workout program in order to gain results that otherwise might not have been possible. With the help of this workout program, you will see amazing results and this will lead to both short and long-term changes. The common reaction to losing weight is to start running and this is not going to be enough to get that perfect body. It is essential to start working out the body in a manner where the entire body is being put into action along with the cardiovascular system. This workout focuses on lifting and getting the heart rate up through those movements instead of just running around. By getting the muscles into action, the body will not only be getting a cardio workout in, but the muscles will also start to get stronger with the repetitions and sets being done.

Workout program
Read more »

The Best Abs Workout

Crunches are nowadays considered as one of the most efficient exercises to strengthen core muscles. Our knowledge of human muscles is based on the study of cadavers by medical professionals. Scientists were able to determine that abdominal muscles are used to flex the spine by looking at cadavers. When you perform a crunch, a sit-up or another similar move, you are rounding your lower back and flexing your spine. These exercises quickly become popular since they are an efficient way to develop one’s abs.


Your abs actually do a lot more than flexing your spine. Their function is to stabilize the spine. The midsection muscles allow your torso to remain upright rather than toppling over under the strength of gravity. Your abs can flex your spine but also prevent it from flexing under the weight of your upper body. Read more »

Why You Should Change Your Workout Routines More Often

Trying to build muscle, but finding it difficult to get past those tough plateaus? It is difficult to get stronger and bigger without changing workouts around and tweaking them for better results. Gradual progression may not be the right thing for those who want to see results and get stronger.  So changes should be occurring more often to get better results i.e.. bigger muscles.


The general assumption when it comes to such changes and alterations is to change around your workout routines every four weeks or so. While, this is fine to keep doing your typical routine, it does not maximize your potential result in the gym. It is better to go with an exercise plan that requires change every workout whether it is reps or the amount of sets that are being done.   Read more »

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