How to Prevent Acne

It never fails – acne always seems to break out at the worst times, like before an important date or any kind of a presentation. Fortunately, the big day doesn’t have to be faced with the fear of blemishes being the focus of the event.  So question is how to prevent acne from happening?  This video could help:


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Nearly all teenagers and more than half of adults are affected by acne, which is a skin condition that is caused by hormones. There are ways of reducing the chances of breaking out with acne, although it is impossible to thwart its breaking out completely. The most important thing that must be done is to set a regular cleansing regimen in place that is done in the morning, at night, and after any exercise occurs. The face should be gently washed with a mild soap, from under the jaw to the hairline. After washing, you should rinse the skin thoroughly. It will be a good idea to speak to a dermatologist in regard to the type of cleaner that you should use. Rough scrub pads, astringents, and strong formulas will all tend to keep the skin in a dried out condition, and that can make the acne worse, rather than better.

Also, be certain that a daily cleaning of the scalp is observed. Many people will get acne right along the hairline and scalp. A gentle shampoo for the hair will assist in preventing the buildup of oil, which can lead to more zits. Also avoid touching your face as much as possible.

Breakouts of the acne is aggravated by squeezing, popping, and the breaking of the zits will spread the infectious material all over the face, which will prolong the breakout. Scarring may result from popping and breaking the inflamed pustules.

While shaving it is difficult to keep from nicking the zits, which again will spread the disease. The area to be shaved should first be cleaned with soap and water, and then be coated with shaving cream. This will result in a smoother shave and the acne will be less likely to be irritated.

Women should look for makeup that is oil-free, in order to keep acne from spreading. The label of “Non-Comedogenic,” is what you are looking for, and that means that the makeup is less likely to promote an acne breakout. If you want to stay with your favorite make up, exchange the cream shadows and blushes for mineral and powdered ones, and lighten up on the application of foundation, which will minimize the irritation of the skin.

Environmental irritants such as smog, high humidity, excess sunlight, and cigarette smoke can bring on acne outbreaks and increase activity by bacteria. Airborne grease, such as that from the fryers at a fast food restaurant, are among the worst environmental irritants. Already clogged pores are further irritated by extra oil that lands on the face from these airborne materials.

Even though you may want to stay more out of the sun, you can still take solace that chocolate is not harmful to you in regards to acne. Of course, this does not mean you have to give up fruits and vegetables, but the occasional candy bar won’t hurt you.

Stress can also aggravate the hormones that cause acne, so learn to take a deep breath and relax. When stress occurs, learn to put stress in its place and take a break from the stress cause, and get your mood uplifted. This will reduce the chances of a breakout. Don’t be afraid to seek professional help either, and you will be glad you did – just remember that the treatment is a process and not an instant cure.

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