Severe Acne Treatment

If you’re suffering from severe acne, you’ve probably tried every cure available at the drug store. Acne causes pore blockage and inflammation, which leads to a skin condition. Out of everyone with acne, just under 40% suffer from severe acne, which means their face is regularly covered with very painful lesions.

The sort of treatments you can buy over the counter won’t help this type of acne. Men suffer from this more due to a type of hormone called androgen. People with severe acne sometimes develop cysts or nodules in addition to their usual blemishes. This means that their acne penetrates their skin more deeply than it would with mild acting, and their skin tends to experience more pain and inflammation.

If you’re suffering from severe acne, you’ll need to develop a treatment plan with a dermatologist. It can take some time to find an effective method of treatment, and it can be hard to remain patient. Treatments your doctor may try may include oral antibiotics, which helps reduce acne through killing off bacteria that’s on your skin. This also helps decrease skin inflammation. Types of antibiotics commonly used include Doxycycline and Tetrocycline. When your acne begins clearing up, your dosage will slowly be reduced.

One of the best ways to combat acne is a treatment that women alone can use – birth control pills. Many oral contraceptives can reduce acne by suppressing glands that produce oil in the skin. If you don’t see results from prescription treatments, there are a number of different procedures your dermatologist can perform in their office.

One such treatment is corticosteroid injections. They’re injected into only the most inflamed blemishes, and can keep them from rupturing, which leads to scarring. Just one injection will help relieve swelling and promote healing over the course of several days. Lesions that haven’t been responding to treatment may also be drained by your doctor. This procedure is similar to popping a pimple, but it is performed by a professional using sterile tools, which means it’s much safer and more effective.

Severe acne can cause embarrassment and a lot of pain, but it can be treated. No matter what course of action your dermatologist takes, you should follow their instructions to the letter. This will help you get the clearer skin you’ve been hoping for.

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