Skin Care Basics – How to Prevent Wrinkles on Your Skin

Do you think you look your age?  Or maybe even look older? We all age but we don’t have to show it.  Just check out these few tips to get a glowing skin.  Even if you are young and have no wrinkles, you should start caring for your skin now.

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The first thing you need to do is to protect your skin against sun.  Sun exposure results in 90% of the wrinkles so next time you go out, put on sunscreen regardless if it’s summer or winter, sunny or cloudy and indoor or outdoor.  Always put on sunscreens.  Now when we talk about sunscreen, we mean the type that protects against ultraviolet A and B with SPF of 30 or more.

One of the vulnerable areas of your body that gets wrinkle is under your eyes, an area that sunscreen might not get to.  So wear a good pair of sunglasses that prevents the sun from reaching to your soft skins around the eyes.  No squinting and scrawling.  based on report by American Academy of Dermatology, any recurring facial movement can build a groove under the skin’s surface and will ultimately generate wrinkles.

Sleeping is important for overall health but if you want to avoid getting wrinkles, you should sleep on your back.  If you sleep face down on the pillow every night, you are prone to get sleep lines that results in wrinkles.

Eat a lot of seafood especially salmon.  These types of food have significant amount of Omega-3 that will keep your youthful.  They are great source of protein which is one of the foundations in your skin.

Moisturize daily. Softening your skin makes you look more youthful simply because ingredients like lanolin help fill in space between skin cells, which plumps up skin temporarily, while humectants such as glycerin absorb moisture from the air and deliver it to the skin.

Reduce the intake of salt.  It increases the water retention or bloating which results in wrinkly, puffy, or baggy eyes.  Now the last but not least, smoking is bad for your body and bad for your skin.  The chemicals in the cigarettes harm the agents that keeps your skin smooth.

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