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12 Natural Cold Remedies

Do you feel miserable from your nasty cold symptoms?  We have 12 different cold remedies that you can try at home right now to start feeling better now.

Cold Remedy 1

cold remedy 1

To break your congestion up, drink lots of fluids.  Drinking juice or water will help with keeping your throat moist and prevent dehydration.  Every day you should drink a minimum of 8-10 glasses of water (8 ounces per glass).  Your fluid intake can include water, ginger ale, fruit drinks, herbal teas and sports drinks.  Homemade chicken soup can also be helpful.  Limit the amount of coffee, cola and other caffeinated beverages that your drink.  They can act as diuretics and you could end up dehydrated. Read more »

Top 10 Natural Cold & Flu Remedies


Many people wonder why natural cold and flu remedies are still so popular.  The answer to this question is very simple – science has still not found a solution for the common cold and flu.  Although some medications can shorten the duration of these illnesses, others only offer temporary relief of the symptoms associated with cold and flu.  On the flip side, some natural remedies may help flu sufferers get better.  Consumers who are interested in natural remedies should take the time to learn which products and substances show promise. Read more »

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