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What Causes a Cold

There are actually over 200 different viruses that are known to cause a cold. We can all universally agree that the symptoms that accompany a cold are miserable. But there are three main viruses that tend to stand out among the 200 viruses leading to a cold. They are:

  • the Rhinovirus (responsible for 10%-40% of colds);
  •  the Coronaviruses (responsible for around 20% of colds); and
  • the Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) (responsible for 10%)

Let’s examine each and identify the hand they play in your catching a cold this winter. Read more »

Common Cold Treatment

Common Cold Treatment

Everyone knows that there isn’t a cure for the common cold. There are some common cold treatment options that could help you get over the virus quicker and get you feeling back to normal at a much faster rate.

There is no treatment better than getting plenty of rest to relieve you from cold symptoms. When you are experiencing a cold you should try to sleep as long as possible. If you can, don’t set the alarm that night and get a full eight hours of sleep.

Another thing that remains important for trying to flush out the virus sooner is staying hydrated. This can be accomplished by simply drinking water. Staying hydrated might also improve your mood during a cold and help your body restore itself. Read more »

Cold Symptoms

How long does it take for cold symptoms to start showing up? Well, most physicians agree that it takes about 1-4 days for cold symptoms to catch up with you after the virus is introduced to your body. It might start with a burning sensation in your nasal passages or perhaps your throat? Later you will start to notice sneezing and nose that just wont stop running. You might also feel a little tired as the cold progresses.


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You need to make sure that you stay home during the early symptoms of a cold if you possibly can. This is the period in which you are most contagious. I am sure that you do not want to make the people around you ill. Read more »

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