Pregnancy-Related Diabetes Linked with Potential Heart Risk


Expecting mothers who develop gestational diabetes may be at elevated risk for cardiovascular disease in the future, a long-term study indicates.

Gestational diabetes evolves just in pregnancy and frequently disappears after pregnancy. It does, nevertheless, enhance a woman’s risk for type 2 diabetes later on years.

The new research discovered that gestational diabetes may alsoenhance a woman’s chance of heart problems in middle age and prior to developing diabetes or metabolic syndrome, several symptoms and conditions recognized to raise the likelihood of heart complications. Read more »

Introduction to Diabetes

Diabetes is a disease where the body is short on insulin or has a decreased production of insulin or both. It affects at least 25 million people in the United States today. Diabetes occurs due to the lack of a hormone called insulin which moves glucose to cells to be converted into energy. If left uncontrolled, the glucose and the fats will remain in the blood and damage vital organs such as kidney, heart or other body organs. If this sad trend continues at the rate it’s going, one in three people could become diabetic in the next generation. There are three main types of diabetes that people need to be aware of. Read more »

FDA: Diabetes Test Strip Maker Recalls 62 Million Products That Can Give Incorrect Readings

According to Associated Press, The Food and Drug Administration is warning individuals with diabetes concerning the recall of 62 million glucose test strips utilized to calculate blood sugar levels.

Nova Diabetes Care reported the recall Friday after finding that a number of the strips can display incorrect, unusually high blood sugar readings. The wrong reading may potentially result in harmful medication problems for patients. Read more »

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