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6 Daily Habits That Are Harmful to Your Skin

skinAs we get old, our skin is getting older, too, therefore it needs a special attention in order to maintain its elasticity and beautiful appearance. Everybody knows that moisturizing creams, a daily cleaning routine and cosmetic treatments should be part of our skin care program, especially after we passed 30 years of age.

What fewer people may know is that skin can be affected by our habits and lifestyle, even in cases when there’s apparently no connection between the habit and the skin condition. Here are the most harmful things you should stop doing, if you want your skin to look its best for many years to come: Read more »

A Quick Guide To Getting Healthier Skin

A lot of people do not know why they have bad skin and how to treat it.  This is a shame as getting clear, healthy skin is not difficult.  The first step is to keep your skin clean.

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