6 Unhealthy Habits That Are As Bad As Smoking


We all know the dire effects pinned to smoking, but most of us unfortunately remain unaware of similarly hazardous lifestyle habits that can take a toll on our lives. Lately, numerous researches on lifestyle habits have been carried out and the findings are indeed appalling. From those stating the unhealthy effects of fats, to those outlining the problems emanating from sitting, it can be hard to legitimize the numerous studies or articles comparing some of these habits to smoking. However, most of them are indeed genuine and we sought to have an in-depth view of six common habits that expose you to equal risk levels to smoking. Fret not, as the below are quite easy to correct with little effort and dedication to keep you healthy for the longest period.

Sitting all day:

Most of us are guilty in this regard and even though regular routines, workouts and exercises may be squeezed in to our busy schedules, habitual sitting regardless of whether it is at work or car is unhealthy. According to a study carried out by Alberta Health Services-Cancer Care in Canada, inactive lifestyles are responsible for nearly 160,000 cases of various forms of cancer ranging from colon, prostate and breast cancers among others.  Read more »

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