symptoms of depression

Depression Symptoms

There is a common confusion between clinical depression and feeling depressed.  Yes, there is a difference!  Many of us will feel upset, lonely and depressed at times; this is a common reaction to particular events like loss, daily struggles and/or an injured self-esteem.  However, when these depressive emotions become overwhelming lasting for prolonged periods of time they can prevent you from living a normal, active and functioning life.  It is at this point when you should begin questioning whether or not you have clinical depression and must seek out professional help.

depression symptoms

If left untreated,  depression symptoms or clinical  depression can worsen.  If left unidentified for a long period of time, sometimes years, the symptoms can cause painful emotional distress and in some cases suicide.  In fact, one of every ten people suffering from major depression will commit suicide.  Read more »

Understanding Depression


It is important to understand that clinical depression is an illness and not a state of mind. It is a lowered mood over a persistent period of time due to your brain chemistry. It is not a choice and it is not something you can wish your way out of. Depression can lead to a list of psychological problems as well as leading to many physical ones. It can cause you to suffer through life and will make everyday a challenge. The good news is that there is help that has been proven to be effective. So if you are suffering from depression or just believe that you are you should talk to your physician right away.

Depression comes with so many debilitating symptoms that its hard to find a place to start. If you are suffering from depression you will notice yourself lacking an interest in activities that you once enjoyed. You will lose your appetite and thus lose a lot of weight during the process. It basically feels like being buried alive. Read more »

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