Ten Best Kept Secrets To Protect Your Hair

Looking for softer, shinier and fuller hair?  Your hair could be all these things with these tips to protect it.

The Benefits of Silicone healthy hair

Rather than treating thinning, limp hair with conditioner, try silicone products like dimethicone or cyclomethicone. These will coat your hair with a thin protective film that will not quickly rinse out. Your hair will be left looking shiny, but not greasy.

Fish and Nuts Promote Healthy Hair

You’ve heard about the value of Omega 3, but did you know it benefits your hair as well? Good sources of Omega 3 are salmon and nuts. They will leave your hair strong and shiny. Also eat green, leafy vegetables, beans, and carrots. Your hair reflects the quality of your diet. A poor diet will leave it looking brittle and you will suffer from hair loss, whereas a healthy, balanced diet encourages hair growth and produces a healthy sheen to your hair.

Avoid Hot Water If You Want to Protect Your Shine

Washing your hair with hot water can strip it of the protective oils that serve as a natural conditioner to your hair. Lukewarm water, on the other hand, is fine; no need to suffer through a cold shower for the sake of your hair quality. Also, when you work the shampoo into your hair, take the time to massage your scalp to stimulate circulation and loosen any dead or dry skin.

Protein for Split Ends  

As indicated above, heat can be very damaging to your hair. We all subject our hair and scalp to hot rollers, curling irons, and overly hot blow dryers. We treat our hair with harsh chemicals in the form of permanent solutions, hair straighteners, bleaches and color strippers. All this can damage the outer layer of your hair, resulting in split ends. This is why your hair stylist offers you “product.” There are hair products specifically designed to mend split ends. Ask your hairdresser what she recommends for split ends and damage to the hair shafts, and use this regularly.

Treating Dandruff

When you see those white flakes it’s natural to assume that dandruff is related to dry scalp. In truth, it has nothing to do with that. Dandruff is the result of a minor skin disorder in the scalp. The last thing you should do is rub oil into your scalp to treat this disorder. A good, medicinal dandruff shampoo is a much better bet. Leave it on your head for five minutes, then rinse thoroughly.

100 Strokes a Day Does Not Make For Healthier Hair

You’ve heard about 100 strokes a day thing.  It’s a myth. That much brushing has the opposite effect – it breaks the ends and can cause unwanted hair loss. Also, you should always use a comb, not a brush, on wet hair.

Blow Dryers Can Be Very Damaging to Your Hair

Using a hot setting won’t make that much difference in how quickly your hair dries, but it will have a negative impact on your hair’s health. What’s more, studies have shown that the noisier, more powerful dryers are no quicker in getting the job done than the quieter ones.

Higher Price Does Not Equal Better Quality

Don’t feel like you have to purchase every “product” your hairdresser recommends. Often you are paying extra for no more than a special label or brand name when in fact it is not going to perform any better than its cheaper counterpart. It is beneficial to take into consideration your hair type, however, and use a shampoo or conditioner formulated specifically for color-treated, oily or dry hair.

Take Care With Tightly-Wound Hair

Ponytails and braids can be very damaging to your hair and roots, particularly if they are too tight. This can actually cause unnatural hair loss. If you do choose a style that pulls the hair taut as a braid or ponytail might, free it up at night. If you braid, braid loosely so it’s not pulling at the hair’s shaft. Hair extensions too can create problems. If you must wear them, take a break from it occasionally.

Use Gentle Color to Cover Gray

Hair weakens as we age and grows more slowly as well. That being the case, you or your hairdresser should use weaker chemicals when coloring so you do not damage the hair further.

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