Three Fun & Effective Core Exercises

One phrase you are not going to hear: “Those crunches were so much fun!”

Actually, you’ll seldom hear that sort of statement with any workout. Which can be bad, for lots of reasons.

However we have discovered 3 new core exercises which are certainly fun. And they’re effective too. Take a look at these great techniques:

Mountain Climber with Feet on the Wall

If you want tips on how to make your ab exercise challenging, then you definitely should check out the “mountain climber with feet against a wall.” This technique from fitness trainer BJ Gaddour, is undoubtedly among the coolest new core exercises we have seen in a while. It’ll burn your abs muscles, but it is also an exercise for your glutes and shoulders.  So much in fact, that it’ll enhance your training at all the other exercises in your workout.

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Kettlebell Figure 8

The kettlebell figure 8 appears to be a lot more like a kid’s game than it does a super core exercise. But by all means, it’s a powerful way to work the muscles that strengthen and support your spine, says David Jack, director of TeamWorks Fitness. And since you’re moving the weight in a figure-8 around your body, you train those core muscles from different position. Additionally, this exercise also works your thighs and shoulders, assisting you develop a better total-body.

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Plank Walkup with Dumbbell Drag

This workout is from sandbag-training expert Josh Henkin and Men’s Health adviser Rachel Cosgrove. The plank walkup with dumbbell drag is a new form of the classic plank. Why does this work? When you’re in a plank position, you need to pull a dumbbell from one side of your body to another. “The plank workout is about maintaining your core completely steady,” says Cosgrove. “Adding the dumbbell drag implies that you need to still keep core stability when you move a weight back and forth, making it an incredibly tough form of the plank.” (Making it even tougher, use a sandbag rather than a dumbbell.)

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Want more fitness exercises?  Then browse through the all the fitness section of this website.  You’ll find a lot of exercise videos along with several workouts for every part of your body and goal.

Source – Men’s Health Magazine

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