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As your skin ages, fine lines appear and give the skin an aging appearance. To avoid this, follow these make up tips to look younger and healthier.


Once those laugh lines appear you’ll want to give your skin a makeover to make skin appear fresher and younger. Your skin will dry and become thinner as it ages so what worked five Agingyears ago may not work on your skin now that you’re older. You’ll need a new routine to take you through to the next era. Start with a primer that fills in your wrinkles and makes them appear less noticeable.

Avoid Thick Foundations

Everyone has seen the caked on makeup that some models are forced to wear for cosmetic ads. Don’t be one of them. Nothing adds on the years like caked on foundation over aging skin. The thick makeup actually settles into the fine lines and wrinkles of the skin and makes it appear cakey and aged. Use a thin moisturizer, primer and a thin light foundation over the top. It will help to fill in the fine lines and make the skin appear more youthful.

Don’t Be A Clown

Apply the eye make up with a light hand. The older we get, the lighter the make up around the eyes should be. You can still make your eyes stand out and shine just use flattering colors on the eyes and avoid deep dark clown eyes. Use a good magnifying mirror to make sure you apply the eye liner lightly and straight. Aging eyes make it more of a challenge to apply eye makeup and the magnifying mirror works wonders.

Enhance Your Eyes

As you age, your eyelids will begin to droop. Take care of this by using eye liner to create a thin line along the area where your lashes begin and apply it to both top and bottom lashes. Your eyes will be more defined and you’ll also have an illusion of thicker eyelashes.

Fill In Your Eyebrows

As we age, our eyebrows tend to thin. To avoid this, gently put in your eyebrows with a pencil. After feathering your eyebrows in, lightly apply some powder to keep the pencil in place.

Kissable Lips Don’t Bleed

To avoid bleeding lipstick, keep lips moisturized well. Use a moisturizing lip stick and re apply as needed. Matte shades tend to fill in the cracks on our lips and make us look older than we are. They also will slip into “low areas” of the lips and age our appearance.

Plump It Up

Plump up those lips. Professionals use three easy steps to give the appearance of plumper and younger lips. Start with foundation. Apply lightly to lips. Then, line the lips with a lip pencil and completely fill it in. Lastly, use a lip stick brush to apply the lip stick. It works perfectly every time. Choose colors with plenty of pigment to enhance your lips without being overwhelming.


Re-moisturize your lips often. Dry lips age your entire face. If you suffer from dry flaky lips apply moisturizer often throughout the day.

Source – WebMD

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