Understanding Depression


It is important to understand that clinical depression is an illness and not a state of mind. It is a lowered mood over a persistent period of time due to your brain chemistry. It is not a choice and it is not something you can wish your way out of. Depression can lead to a list of psychological problems as well as leading to many physical ones. It can cause you to suffer through life and will make everyday a challenge. The good news is that there is help that has been proven to be effective. So if you are suffering from depression or just believe that you are you should talk to your physician right away.

Depression comes with so many debilitating symptoms that its hard to find a place to start. If you are suffering from depression you will notice yourself lacking an interest in activities that you once enjoyed. You will lose your appetite and thus lose a lot of weight during the process. It basically feels like being buried alive. You will lose your sexual interest as well as your drive to socialize and be with other people. This can cause a certain feeling of isolation that can become very powerful.  Click here to learn more about depression symptoms.

What is the Cause of Depression?

Well their are two different types of depression that are recognized by physicians. These include situational depression and biological depression. Situational depression comes when we have an event in our life that causes us a lot of stress or heart ache and may pass with time. The other forum of depression is much more dangerous. When you have biological depression the only way for you to seek help and feel better is to have the imbalance in your brain chemistry corrected.

Biological depression is pretty much any type of depression that happens because of a physical reason. This means that it is not due to past abuse or a traumatic event. It can be caused by a number of reasons. It can be brought on by changes in hormones that we see from adolescence or it can be brought on from your neurotransmitters working incorrectly. It can even be an inherited disease that your parents passed on to you.

Which ever type of depression that you may be suffering from it is important to take it seriously and receive treatment. It is always best to go to a mental health expert for this type of thing. If that is not available your regular physician should be able to help you feel better.

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So don’t let yourself struggle with the agony that is depression. You need to get help right away before it escalates. Why let yourself suffer?

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