How Vitamin D Can Prevent Cancer

vitamin d supplement

Vitamin D has long been known as a preventative for many bone related diseases such as rickets, osteoporosis, osteomalacia, and a bone loss condition known as hyperparathyroidism,  So obviously vitamin D is very helpful and essential for many bone related diseases in humans.  Lately though scientific studies have been showing that people with  low levels of vitamin D in their system are more prone to breast cancer, especially premenopausal breast cancer. More studies are on the way, but given all the other benefits of vitamin D, it would be important to start taking supplements now. There are other  ways to get you vitamin D if you don’t like supplements, and that would be in fatty fish such as sardines and tuna, fortified milk, and milk products, and also spending time in the sun.  Spending as little as 20 minutes in direct sunlight is enough to provide all the vitamin D for your entire day.

vitamin D supplement

Another important cancer preventative link has been found between vitamin D deficiency and colorectal cancer. In recent studies those with lower levels of vitamin D in their system had a substantially higher risk of dying due to colorectal cancer than others with sufficient vitamin D and this was reported in the journal ‘ Cancer’. It has been observed that those with darker skin such as African-Americans, have much higher colorectal cancer rates than Caucasians, and, due to the high levels of pigmentation in the skin, African-Americans have much less vitamin D produced naturally in their bodies and therefore are deficient. In a specific study, African Americans with normal levels of vitamin D had 40% less chance of dying from colorectal cancer than those with a deficiency. Clearly an indicator that more vitamin D is needed by supplementation or diet.

Your body makes vitamin D out of cholesterol  as a sunlight hits your skin, only about 20 minutes daily in direct sunlight is usually sufficient for the human body. Once the vitamin D circulates throughout your body it helps cells stick together and communicate with each other. When your cells are communicating correctly with each other normal cell division takes place as is supposed to, however, when there is a deficiency of vitamin D some cells can begin to divide unnaturally and out of control, this would be considered cancer.

So as you can see vitamin D is important factor in reducing your risk of breast cancer, colorectal cancer, and many diseases connected to  bone health. It is difficult to get enough vitamin D in your diet to have sufficient levels in your body all year round, and additionally, in northern climates it’s very difficult to get enough sun, six or seven months a year. In light of that, is very clear that vitamin D supplementation is necessary in order to prevent several diseases including cancer.

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