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How to Have Kinky Sex More Than You Ever Imagine

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ByMARKHAM HEID of Men’s Health

All sex is good sex—in the beginning. When your relationship is fresh, new positions or novel settings are enough to keep you both interested and satisfied.

But as the years pass, it’s all too common to find yourself stuck with a sex life worn edgeless by routine and complacency.

Fortunately, things don’t have to stay that way.

Here, sex and relationships experts offer some sound advice for cranking up the kink and adding a little—or a lot—of spice to your flat-lined sex life. Read more »

What Causes Infertility in Men?

Male infertility is more common than most people realize. It can be attributed to one of two things: either the male has a low sperm count or the sperm is not functioning properly (i.e., it either does not reach the egg or does not penetrate or fertilize the egg). Studies show that for some reason sperm counts are falling by approximately 3% each year.


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