Your Workout Routines For 30 Minutes

You probably think that you don’t have the time to work out, but you do if you decide to. The key to the whole thing is the intensity that you put into the exercise. If you concentrate on a high-intensity workout with short bursts of energy, you will boost your metabolism and tone your muscles very nicely. Go ahead and begin with these workout routines that stresses resistance and cardio training.

Squats For The Beginner: For The Thighs

Squats with Ball on Wall

If you are new to all of this, start out with this beginner version of squats by using an exercise ball. Place the ball at your lower back while you stand against a wall, back to the wall with the ball in between. Have your feet at hip-width and feet in front. Keep your body upright and slowly lower the body by bending your knees and hips, dropping your glutes down towards the floor, the slowly move back to the original position. Keep the knees over the heels, and complete 10 repetitions, slowly.

Squats: Still For The Thighs


For a little more advanced exercise, try the squats without the exercise ball. Keep the feet still at shoulder width and the back stays straight. Bend the knees and lower your buttocks as though you were sitting down while keeping your knees over the ankles. If you want to get more muscle groups into the action, you can add an overhead press at the same time. You can put a dumbbell in each hand, you can push the dumbbells overhead while you raise up from the squatting position. Do 10 repetitions.

The Forward Lunge: For The Thighs

forward lunge

Stand with the feet hip-width, and take a big step forward with the right leg, then lower you body down toward the floor, aligning the front knee with the ankle, while the knee in the back points down toward the floor. You can hold a free weight in both hands if you want an additional challenge while you do this exercise. Do 10 repetitions.

The Romanian Deadlift: For The Hamstring Muscles

Romanian Deadlift

Stand upright holding a bar or free weights, with feet hip-width apart. Start bending at the waist while moving your hips backward as your body is lowered parallel to the floor. Keep your legs straight, but do not lock the knees and keep your back straight. Lower the weight to just below the knees, and the return slowly to the position in which you started. Do 10 repetitions.

The Bridge: For The Glutes

The bridge for glutes

The bridge exercise works the glutes (your butt muscles), the hamstrings and the core muscles of the legs. Lie on your back with your knees bent and keep your feet hip-width apart. Begin to peel your spine off of the floor, beginning at the tailbone, until you form a diagonal line starting at the knees on down to the shoulders. Then slowly return to the original starting position. You should be able to feel the contraction in the gluts as you perform the exercise. For an additional challenge, work the triceps in the back of your arms by using light weights in each hand, and lift your arms up towards the ceiling as you do the exercise. Perform 10 repetitions.

Do Some Push Ups For Your Chest And The Core Muscles

push ups

Push ups strengthen the chest muscles (the pecs), the triceps, the shoulder muscles, and core muscles. Begin by starting on all fours, place the hands somewhat wider than shoulders. With the toes on the floor and your body flat on the floor, push up from the floor with your arms, keeping the spine and legs straight. You will feel the tension in your chest muscles, triceps, shoulders and back. Lower slowly after reaching the top, but don’t lower completely to the ground. Perform the exercise 10 times.

Work on your chest with chest presses

bench press

While many people use push-ups to work on their chest, you may get better results with a weighted chest press. Begin by lying on your back on a bench. Bend your knees or place your feet on the ground while keeping your spine relaxed. Press dumbbells or a bar from your chest to the ceiling. While extending your arms, be sure not to lock your elbows. Move slowly, and make sure your shoulder blades remain in contact with the bench.

If you’d like to make this exercise a little more difficult, you can complete your chest presses while keeping your upper back and head on an exercise ball. Repeat this 10 times.

Work your biceps and back with the bent-over row

bent over row

This exercise will give all the major muscles in your upper back a good workout. It’ll also work your biceps. To start, bend over while keeping your back flat. Brace your knee and hand on one side on a bench. In your other arm, keep your arm extended while holding a free weight. Raise the weight, moving towards your hip. Stop when the upper arm is slightly beyond horizontal. After that, move the weight back down to its starting position. Repeat this 10 times.

Work on your shoulders with the shoulder press

shoulder press

This move will give your shoulder muscles a good workout. You can perform this exercise while sitting or standing. If you need your back supported, it’s best to sit while using a bench that has a back rest. Start by keeping your elbows bent while weights are at your shoulders. Begin to reach in the direction of the ceiling, making sure your elbows stay below your hands. Don’t allow your shoulders to get close to your ears. Next, carefully lower the weight back down to the position you started in. Repeat this 10 times.

Work your upper back with cable pull downs

Cable Pulldown

The final upper body exercise will focus on your upper back. Sit straight at a cable machine while keeping your spine neutral. Extend your arms and grasp the bar. Then, carefully move the bar down, going past your face and moving in the direction of your chest. Keep going until you can’t go any further without moving back. As you move back up, be sure to control the weight. Repeat this 10 times.

Work on your core and abs with the bicycle crunch

bicycle crunch

Lay face-up on the floor and fold your knees into your chest. Then, curl your upper body until it’s off of the floor. Place your hands beneath your head and carefully move your upper body towards the right. As you do this, move your left leg out and your right leg in. Then, do the opposite, moving towards the left while moving your right leg out and your left leg in. Make sure to bring your shoulder to your hip instead of bringing your elbow to your knee. Don’t allow the opposite shoulder to touch the floor. Repeat this 10 times.

Continue to work your core and abs with the side plank

side plank

Another great exercise is the side plank. Lay on your side, tucking a bent elbow beneath your shoulder. Using your torso muscles, lift your body into the side plank position. Move your hips up, then return to the plank before lowering. Keep doing these as long as you can, and then perform the same exercise on the opposite side.

You should be done with 20 minutes of workout by now and should finish your workout routine with short cardio exercise.  But before you jump into cardio, make sure you have completed 20 minutes of resistance exercise.  If you have not, you should go back to beginning and do the exercises again till you have done 20 minutes of resistance training.

Cardio Exercise

Cardio training

Whether you like elliptical, treadmill or any other cardio machines, fluctuate the intensity throughout your cardio exercise.  Do intense intervals follow by minute or two of moderate speed.  You should do:

a minute or two of the highest level of resistance you can endure, then a minute of normal speed.  Then minute or two of highest speed you can go, then 1 minute of normal speed.  You should keep going back and forth between the resistance and speed intervals till you’re done with 10 minutes.

Source:  WebMD

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